Me, aged five, on the top of Mt. Bromo

I am a girl who always wonders to wander around the globe, because I do believe that the real university is the universe itself, where I can always learn while I  breathe at once. I was born and raised in Malang and have lived in some other cities including Surabaya and Istanbul for my studies before moving back to Malang. Travel and adventure have been huge parts of my life that now I have and manage a travel business.

Yet I am now still a  student of the universe, learner,  explorer, traveler, runner, hiker, and avid reader. This blog is a medium in which I can share my travel journal and share what I’ve learned from the universe. I’m not an intense traveler, but yes, just like you, I’m a cultural and natural experiences junky. So let’s wander together, and wonder what we’ll learn from it 🙂

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