An Open Letter to the Man I Love The Most : Dad


Look! How happy I was (and still am) to be your daughter. Attention people, my forehead doesn’t look this broad now :p
Photo from circa 1992

Daddy is the daughter’s first love and son’s first best friend ~ Unknown

Hi Dad,

Happy 49th Birthdaaaay! I know.. I know you wish you were only 39. I know you always feel younger. I know how happy you were when a shopkeeper called you “Mas” instead of “Pak”.  I know you too well for this matter. And yes, for however old you will be, you’re still the fun dad I always have! 🙂

Dad, I may be almost 23 years old, but I’m still proud to call myself daddy’s little girl.  You may never regard it as important stuff, but you have to know how happy I am when people tell me how I really look like you. Our eyes, our lips, our eyebrow, even the way we talk.

I can barely remember how my childhood looked like.  I wouldn’t recall everything well though. Hehe..  However, I still remember that we used to go together on Sunday evenings to the tennis court near to our house. You played with your friends, while I attended tennis course in the next court. I remember how I and brother enjoyed going to some different places to follow you playing tennis with friends. Oh yes, I remember that three of us went hiking together and you kept making brother sure to keep on walking by saying that there were only two turns left. You kept saying that until we realized that yes there were only two turns left, the right and left turns. That was a bad joke, dad! Oh yeah, I still remember that you had a weird lullaby song I’ve never heard before. Oh dad, I remember how I used to beg for another “normal” lullaby song like the one I used to hear from kids’ song, but you said this song was only for me. Tu as la raison! Haha

Dad, I don’t know how can I be grateful of having a great dad like you are. I can’t thank you enough for making me who I am today. I thank you so much for being a very supportive daddy. I remember how you encouraged me to enroll in best junior high school in town. You made me believe that I would be able to compete with those bright kids. I remember that you used to drive me to every competition I was in. I remember that you used to drive me to the train station at 04.00 on Mondays, in order to catch the train to Surabaya. I thank you so much for not being an overprotective dad. I have to thank you for letting me go to Makassar by myself, joining leadership summer camp program held by the Navy. You know I was the only 7th grader among the High School students there; I was even only 11 at that time. Despite of that, you believed me that I would be just fine. And I was fine! I thank you for letting me do what I want. I still remember how hard we argued regarding the major I’d love to take. You convinced me to go to medical school, while I believe that my passion is politics. Once you told me “You can do everything you want, as long as you’re responsible with it”. Anyway, Dad, don’t you realize that I have to blame you? You made me love politics because we used to talk about politics when I was in high school!

Dad, how funny it is to know how our relationship has changed. From daughter-daddy, to best friends, to business partner. I might have never been your sweetest little girl, as I sometimes am stubborn. You know that I have some weird and wild dreams. But thanks that you never pushed me. I thank you for your patience. Thanks for keeping me down to earth. I thank you for being one of my best friends. Thanks for being a very good business partner, despite the fact that I’m a massive procrastinator. Hehe.. I know I have to fix this bad habit. I’m working on it Dad, hang on a bit! High five! 🙂

Dad, I learned a lot from you, to be grateful, to be caring to people, and not to easily hate people. I know when someone tried to let you down couples of month ago, you felt so devastated. But you never told us that you were sad. You tried to show us that you were strong so we could become stronger as well. Dad, it is okay that you whine, you’ll still be my hero. You’re still our hero because you didn’t even try to hurt people back. You always believe that good deeds will always win. You always believe that we’ll harvest what we’ve planted. And what you said was proven true. You are my life guru.

Dad, you’re the most dedicated person I’ve ever known. You love your family, you love your job, you love your friends, you love your people. Well, for me and mom, you’re such an annoying guy though. However , your oh-not-that-funny jokes still make us laugh out loud. It wasn’t the joke that funny, but the way you told the joke was.

Dad, let me apologize that there’s still a thing  that I haven’t done yet. I’m working on it dad, I will never ever try to make you feel disappointed. I’ll do that for me, for you, for mom, for brother, for us.

Well dad, this letter won’t certainly express my love for you or how I feel about you. You just have to know that we love you so much, just like the way you love us. I wish we can still keep each other strong, supporting each other, praying for each other, and still seriously having fun together. I love this imperfectly perfect family 🙂

Your former remote control battle opponent,


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