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Believe. Behave. Be brave

Life is sometimes beyond our expectation. I experienced it myself. I never expected before that I would live in Istanbul. But then, because my friend wrote my name on scholarship recipient candidate nomination list, I ended up living in Istanbul for 5 months. So do other challenging things. I broke up with my almost 4 years long boyfriend. At first I thought that it would be hard to live without him. But then I realize that the more I grow my self-disbelief, the more I slow down my own life.

Well, that’s why I then discover my life motto : believe, behave, and be brave.

I always believe that life is a gift. God sent me to be meaningful for other people, thus God never let me stay in my lullaby-like comfort zone. I know God now is trying to make me realize that there are many things I need to explore and learn. God’s way will never be wrong, as long as I believe in it. Thus, I try to behave as I am, not the second version of other figure. I am me, and I’ll do my best to get what I want.

And what else do I need? Yes, I need to be brave. To challenge myself and to prove to myself that I can be a better me. I have to be brave to say goodbye to my past, and say hello to my future 🙂

This break up exactly tells me to discover myself. To love myself first before I’m ready to love others. I need to empower myself, so that I’ll get the one who is meant for me. Well, that I’m moving on now, I know that what lies in past will be a nice lesson for my future life. No more whining, be ready of winning 🙂

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